Thursday, September 03, 2015
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Our Vision

Returning to Spirit (RTS) is a non-profit charitable organization that was born out of a partnership and vision between an Aboriginal man and a religious Sister to address the legacy of Indian Residential Schools (history).

Our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal trainers form the heart of our organization, supported by our Keepers and the Board of Directors.

We design and deliver workshops and training programs for reconciliation within the context of the inter-generational impacts of the residential schools in Canada. We start with the premise that now is the time to shift the conversation from resentment and blame to hope, possibility and daily choices. 

Our focus is on moving people forward through the principles of personal empowerment. This defines all our work, including coaching sessions and consulting, which are designed to support individuals, families, organizations and whole communities to move forward in life. We are always seeking to expand our community partnerships to continue the process of transformation.

Our work goes beyond healing. It provides conditions for transformation in personal, family, community, and organizational life. Participants often engage their families and friends to also take the workshops. Many recommend that all Canadians take it to move forward more powerfully towards hope, possibility and choice for the next generation.
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