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Jan 30

Written by: Francois
1/30/2014 4:52 PM  RssIcon

Summary of the French pilot non-Aboriginal workshop – Fall 2013

The French pilot non-Aboriginal workshop – French version of Returning to Spirit – was held at Villa Aulneau at 601 Aulneau Street, Winnipeg, over two weekends: September 27, 28 & 29 and October 4, 5 & 6, 2013. There were 7 participants all from Winnipeg. Of the seven participants three had taken the workshop in English and two had participated in the Seminar Series.  All the participants greatly appreciated the workshop as these clips from their evaluations testify:

o   This workshop offers concrete tools for personal growth that allows me to build healthy and authentic interpersonal relationships.

o   I finish this session with new tools and positive experiences.

o   Now, at the end of the process, I have the courage and the tools to help me transform my life into one of empowerment and responsibility.

o   An invitation, a session that unwraps the gifts to be had, Love at will, a meeting of oneself in a listening atmosphere, an atmosphere of sharing, of listening and of listening still, in Love.

o   I had many insights that will help me move forward into the future and live fully the present moment.

o   The workshop has opened a space in my life that allows me to build myself up in love and frees me from repeating the cycle of blame, isolation and resentment.

o   This Returning to Spirit is a real gift.

Five months after the workshop we hear participants say how the benefits of the workshop are still very present in their life.

This workshop was delivered by three trainers – Jacques Lafrance from Lorette, Manitoba, François Paradis from Winnipeg and Olive Halpin, also from Winnipeg. The trainers truly appreciated the opportunity of delivering the RTS program in French. Though there still remains a few terms to clarify, we, the trainers, are confident that we are well equipped to deliver this workshop in French.

Our dream of having a pilot workshop in French dates back to 2006 when the program was translated. We are now receiving requests from Quebec and the Maritimes for the RTS  workshops in French. In order for the whole of the RTS program to be offered in French, Aboriginal francophone trainers will need to be trained. Though this is a major challenge, it is not an impossibility. We look to the future with hope!

Prepared by Olive Halpin for the francophone team. 

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