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Sep 12

Written by: Francois
9/12/2014 10:14 AM  RssIcon

Hi again everyone,

We want to tell you again how excited we are to start our Seminar Series this fall here in Winnipeg. Here's why - its because we know from our own experience and from our past participants that this Seminar Series truly transforms lives. Its stepping into a journey of discovery.  It all begins on Saturday September 20th. So, if you haven't registered yet, now is the time!
And if you can't, send us a word anyway - we'd love to hear from you!

The Seminar Series is a follow up to the RTS Workshops and Reconciliation. They are designed to create new openings in your life so as to fully express the spirit of who you are.
We can already promise you that your life will be greatly enriched by taking this Seminar Series. It is an investment in a transformational process that will be beneficial to you and those around you.

You will see below a description of the topics the Series will cover along with the scheduled dates and times. Most Seminars will be held on a Saturday making it possible to deliver 2 Seminars in one day. We hope these dates will work for you. The suggested fee for each Seminar  is the extremely low sum of $10.

If you have already attended the Seminar Series, you can sign up again and/or encourage others you know to register.

To sign up: please contact Olive Halpin either by phone 204-594-6380 or email and she will send you a registration form.

Fall Schedule 2014:

Seminar 1 
      Sept 20   from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm at the
St Boniface University, Room 0614, 200 Avenue de la Cathedrale

Seminars 2 to 9   from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on Saturdays at the  
St Boniface Pastoral Centre, Kateri Hall, 622 Taché St.
Sem 2 - 3:   Oct 4
Sem 4 - 5:   Oct 18
Sem 6 - 7:   Nov 1
Sem 8 - 9:   Nov 15

Seminars 10 and 11       will be held at the same place on two separate evenings. Times to be decided by the group. 

What the Seminars are about:

(You MUST take the 1st Seminar to be eligible to register)

Seminar 1       Grounding and Depth of Story
                        Deeper understanding of how past events have affected you and can keep you stuck.  Discover the ease of moving forward.
Seminar 2       Conversations of Unspoken Commitments
                        Opportunity to handle what stops you from doing the things that you say are important to you. 
Seminar 3       Conversation for Moving Forward
                        Language is powerful, what you speak creates the future.  In depth look at your conversation and what you are creating.
Seminar 4       Moving through Fear
                       To produce a new understanding of fear and how it holds you back in life.
Seminar 5       Moving through Upsets
                       What are the different types of upsets, how to handle them and how to let them go. 
Seminar 6       Forgiveness
                       Dismantling the misconceptions of forgiveness and seeing the simplicity of it.
Seminar 7       Leadership I
                       Gaining a new understanding of leadership, by discovering your own leadership systems.
Seminar 8       Leadership II
                       Developing your own unique style of leadership.  Expressing  your leadership through a project.  How to live life powerfully.
Seminar 9       Mapping and Support Team Planning
                       To create a map and support team plan that will shift your project from a possibility to a reality
Seminar 10     Breakthrough
                       To experience a new sense of possibility and intentionality
Seminar 11     Completion & Celebration
                       Celebration to complete the seminar series, honoring the growth and journey of the participants.

The seminar series will be led by a mixed Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal team of Returning to Spirit trainers.


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