Oct 03 - Oct 03, 2020

Seeds of Reconciliation Part 1

Oct 03 - Oct 03, 2020

Location: Micah House

Registration Deadline
Oct 02, 2020
1039 Main Street
Hosted By
Returning to Spirit Inc.

Seeds of Reconciliation explores the concepts of what reconciliation is by discovering what it is not. This educational session is delivered over 1 day. The tools and resources provide individuals with valuable insights into themselves while also giving them the essence of our workshop process through engaging, experiential conversations that delve into the heart of what we thing reconciliation means and why it has not been achieved or not. 


  • Purpose, Opportunities, Requirements and Agreements
  • Introduction to reconciliation "What does reconciliation mean to you?"
  • The unfinished events that create stuckness.
  • Concepts of reconciliation.
  • Model of reconciliation. 
  • Exploring our relationship with reconciliation. 
  • RTS meaning of reconciliation.

Some important event information:

  • The costs of registration is $75.00. Email us at info@returningtospirit.org for more registration cost information.   
  • Some conversations include personal life experiences to explore issues. Participants choose what they share. 
  • Participants are responsible for their own accommodations and travel expenses. 
  • The workshop begins at 9:00 am and runs to 4:30 pm. This includes two coffee/tea and snack breaks provided by RTS.
  • The event includes a 1-hour lunch break (participants bring their own lunches).
  • Numerous restaurants are in the area. 
  • Parking bans will be waived on Magnus east of Main Street during the workshop. 
  • Several Winnipeg Transit buses including 16, 18, 20, and 15 stop within a block of the building entrance. 
RTS Workshop Coordinator