Reconciling You with You, Others & Life

Our work is based on the idea that reconciliation begins with each individual and includes three components:

  • Reconciling You with You
  • Reconciling You with Others
  • Reconciling You with Life

Our work is NOT about psychology or education or religion or litigation or money or fixing people. It's about YOU embarking on a journey of self-discovery - to see what keeps you stuck and to discover ways that you can let go and move forward in life.

The Residential School Reconciliation Model

The Residential School reconciliation model includes a 4-day Foundations workshop with Indigenous participants and an identical workshop with non- Indigenous participants. These are followed by the 5-day Reconciliation workshop that brings the two groups together for reconciliation and completion.

  • 1. Foundational Workshop - YOU with YOU
  • 2. Reconciliation Workshop - YOU with OTHERS
  • 3. Seminar Series - YOU with LIFE

The Foundational Workshop is essential to the RTS reconciliation model. The emphasis of each facilitated concept intends to connect YOU with insights of YOU. In combination, the insights and tools developed during the 4 days create space for you to discover how previously-held behaviours, judgements, assumptions or perceptions keep you stuck in a disempowering story. More importantly, you will experience reconciliation by using tools gained in the workshop to resolve conflict with those closest to you in meaningful and life-altering ways.

The Reconciliation Workshop invites Foundational Workshop alumni to deepen their understanding of reconciliation by discovering how behaviours, judgements, assumptions or perceptions of OTHER disconnects us. Unique to Returning to Spirit, you will experience reconciliation through restorative, face-to-face conversations with others utilizing all of the tools learned in the Foundational and Reconciliation Workshops. The transformative power of your workshop experiences will empower YOU to apply these tools to enriching community relationships in meaningful and life-altering ways.

In the 11 part Seminar Series, YOU will more deeply experience reconciliation concepts by discovering how to shift a lifelong goal or project from a dream to reality with integrity and intentionality. By connecting your insights and experiences gained throughout the workshops, your LIFE, relationships, community, and beyond will alter in powerful and transformative ways.

The Returning to Spirit Workshop Format

Workshop Evaluations