What Does Reconciliation Have to do With Me?

  • I am Indigenous
  • I am Non-Indigenous
  • I am a Newcomer

We believe that everything can be resolved through conversation including trauma from Indian Residential School, childhood sexual abuse, or other forms of trauma. Our workshops support participants in connecting to their Spirit so that they can speak their truth without blaming or making wrong. We support conversations that move people and situations forward, rather than keeping people stuck in the same old ruts. We support people in taking responsibility for their lives and for their choices. We support participants in creating a new reality for themselves. We believe that all of us need to reconcile with ourselves, with others and with life. It starts with the individual and ripples outwards.

Our work is NOT about religion or psychology or litigation or money or culture. It's deeply spiritual work that focuses on you reconciling You with You, You with Others and You with Life!

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We can’t fix the world. We can’t even fix ourselves. That is a hard pill to swallow for non-Indigenous people. We can believe that we have all the answers… or at least some of the answers. We live our lives behind a veil of pretense, pretending that we have it all together. And the sad thing is… we don’t even recognize that we live that way. Reconciliation begins within each individual. The first step is to reconcile with ourselves… and then we can reconcile with others and with life. But first we need to look within, we need to see the stuff that prevents us from fully expressing ourselves from our Spirit. What if the way you’ve been living your life… good as it has been… is just the first step. What if there is more to life than you could even dream?

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You have arrived in a country that has a devastating legacy of colonization and Indian Residential Schools. The legacy lives everywhere within our society – in the malls, on the buses, in the schools. You will encounter it and perhaps recognize it… or perhaps not. You may be considered Indigenous in your home country but here, in Canada, you are caught betwixt and between. Where do you belong? How do you fit in? What about the prejudice directed at you as a newcomer? Reconciliation starts within… it starts with us taking a look at what lies within us that prevents us from fully expressing our Spirit. Only when we have reconciled with ourselves can we begin to reconcile with others and with life.

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Our Programs

Reconciliation is the experience of restoring peace within yourself, others and life, no matter what the circumstance. This includes the impact of Indian Residential Schools and other painful experiences. Each RTS program builds on the insights you have discovered from the last workshop in profound ways. The one day events or Nibble and Learn events provide individuals with a taste of what others describe as the "transformative" experience of the Returning to Spirit (RTS) work.

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New RTS Home!

News | Jun 16, 2021
We are moving to our new office and program space!!!

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We Are Moving!

News | Nov 13, 2020
Returning to Spirit seeks a new space to call home April 2021...

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Office opened

News | Jun 18, 2020
RTS Workshops will be delivered following the Covid_19 restrictions in place for groups

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  • I’ve been afraid to speak because after speaking at the TRC I’ve been ostracized by Canadians. I can stand and speak again after being in this reconciliation at Winnipeg. It shall be! Megwich! Kleco!

    Louise Martin, Port Alberni, BC, 2015
  • This workshop touched me so deep and changed my life even more. I feel now for the first time in my life the deep light and the Spirit I am.

    Maria Arentsen, Winnipeg MB, 2016
  • This work has opened my eyes to really see... the need for Reconciliation in Canada in a new way. Hearing stories first-hand of the struggles of Aboriginals has allowed me to reach a new level of compassion.

    Katelyn Sutton, Windsor ON, 2016
  • My spirit became alive like it never has been. I feel I am ready and willing to forget the past and practice being in the present. No more poisonous and toxic thoughts about self and everyone that I meet.

    Christina Kitchekesik, Winnipeg MB, 2016
  • This workshop is an eye-opener of possibilities, one-on-one conversations with non-aboriginals – to be heard, shifting movement from A to B. For me it is great experiences. Migwetch.

    Stanley Monias, Nekantaga FN ON, 2016
    Indigenous Foundational Workshop
  • This Reconciliation reminded me that if I want to have real relationships with others, even family, that I need to remove anything that hides my authentic spirit from them... This is my responsibility.

    Darin Douglas, Binscairth, MB, 2016
  • Amazing workshop

    Gigi Jakobs, Prince George, BC, 2007
    Non-Indigenous Foundational Workshop